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Home prices &Condo prices in Palm Springs and Desert Cities are still on the climb both in the median selling price and the average sold price.

When comparing the number of units sold in 2013 vs 2012 , you will see a drop from 794 sold homes t0 664 and that is mostly attributed to the drop in available Inventory of real estate coming on the market . March 2013 had an inventory of 2515 houses down from January’s inventory of 2800 houses.

Condo sales did better in March 2013 with 281 condos sold in the Palm Springs area compared to 261 sold units in 2012. As for the Inventory , there is a drop from 1228 available condos in January 2013 to 1157 units in March 2013.


Copa Cabana 2013 Soccer Tournament


Huntinton Beach will host this Tournament 5/18 & 5/19 2013…..

COPA CABANA TOURNAMENTS bring you the atmosphere of a carnival party on the beach with Brazilian style barbecue, Food Vendors, Music, DJ, rides and entertainment for everyone in between games. Players with their own creations of team shirts add to the colorful aspect of the tournament.  Copa cabana beach soccer history goes back 30 years when the first games were played on the sands of Rio de Janeiro beaches. 1992 became a historical year for Copa cabana beach soccer when the rules of the game were officially recorded by the Beach Soccer World Wide Association.

Over the last decade beach soccer has spread to the beaches and sand surfaces all over the world.  All Copa Cabana tournaments are sanctioned by the US Beach Soccer Federation and are open to all teams, youth, adult, and coed. The games are 5V5, three twelve minute periods with unlimited substitutions. Referees are US Beach Soccer and Cal South certified.


Beach Vollyball

Many things to do on the beach!

Huntington Beach volleyball nets are constantly in use at the beach with players ranging from beginner to pro. On most days you can dive into a game with the rare exception of tournaments booking the nets. Several major tournaments are held during the year but all in all, you are left with over 300 days of public, free play…..

Surf City USA

Come check out HB! One of the worlds best beaches for surfing.

Huntington Beach (aka HB) is known for its long stretch of sandy beach, mild climate, excellent surfing and beach culture. The ocean waves are enhanced by a natural effect caused by the edge-diffraction of open ocean swells around the island of Catalina. Swells generated predominantly from the North Pacific in Winter and from a combination of Southern Hemisphere storms and hurricanes in the Summer focus on Huntington Beach creating consistent surf all year long thus giving HB the title ‘Surf City, USA’.