Authorities investigating death of man found in Huntington Harbour

HUNTINGTON Coastline – Police About Tuesday were investigating the fatality of a San Gabriel guy that was located floating in Huntington Harbour after going to a party.

Caanan So, 27, was located in the marina close to Bolero Lane About Dec. 12, based on the Orange Region coroner’s office. He was taken to a healthcare facility where he passed away 7 days later on About Saturday, Police said.

Authorities stated So possessed attended a celebration who night. His fatality is under examination by the Orange Region Sheriff’s Department.

Most Influential 2015: Michael Lew

Age: 49

Role: Founder, Faces Apparel in Fountain Valley

Bio: During his career as a fashion designer and consultant, Lew has traveled around the globe – witnessing migrant workers separated from their children and factories that exploit them. In 2009, he founded Faces Apparel as a side business dedicated to the humane treatment of workers. The label inside Faces T-shirts reminds, “Made by SOMEONE.” Lew didn’t go into fashion to make the world a better place – he just liked it. After graduating from Saddleback High in Santa Ana, he studied textile design at UC Davis. In the 1980s, Lew worked for Jill Richards, a “designer to the stars.” Later, Lew veered toward casual wear with his wife, Doris Lew, and they formed a consulting company, Imaginary Concepts. They live in Huntington Beach.

Why he’s an influencer: Faces partnered with World Vision in the Philippines during 2015 to launch the Faces Apparel Empowerment Collection, selling T-shirts to raise money for the international charity, which helps children in need. Lew also plans to establish microfactories in the Philippines. Rather than migrate to enormous factories hundreds of miles from their homes and families, employees will work out of a shipping container converted into a comfortable, 20-by-40-foot office.

Biggest challenge: “I’m creative by nature. If it wasn’t for my wife, I’d be all over the place. She looks at the reality of my ideas and fine-tunes them.”

Work philosophy: “We always think of people first, including our employees. They’re as important to us as the people we’re trying to help in developing countries.”

Thoughts on good works: “I believe in giving people opportunities to reverse the cycle of poverty and create sustainability. It’s the idea of not just giving people fish but teaching them how to fish.”

Inspiration: “I feel my calling on this Earth is to practice Christian teachings by putting others before myself.”

Can’t do without: “I need planes.”

What’s next: “Our first mobile microfactory in the Philippines should be up and running by the first quarter of the new year.”

– Susan Christian Goulding

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Most Influential 2015: John Baggs III

Age: 43

Job: Motorcycle officer, Huntington Seaside Police Department

Why he’s an influencer: Baggs turned a schedule auto mishap in to an unanticipated act of kindness that transformed a woman’s life. In June, Candida Torre totaled her late son’s car. As soon as Baggs located out that Torre’s son, Jose, possessed been killed in Iraq, Baggs obtained to work. He took the auto off the scrap heap, and along with assistance from the Auto Club and Caliber Collision he possessed the auto rebuilt. regard Veterans Day, Baggs surprised Candida Torre by giving her the car.

Biggest challenge: Secrecy. Baggs possessed to get hold of everyone functioning regard the task no more to inform any person up until after Torre obtained the car.

Work philosophy: “Life is filled along with opportunities. Exactly what you do along with them is around you.”

Inspiration: Baggs was increased in a Gold Star family, intending a household participant died in the military (merely love the Torre family). Baggs’ father, a Vietnam veteran, was killed in a helicopter mishap in 1976 while a participant of the Air Nationwide Guard.

Can’t do without: “A feeling of humor.”

What’s next: In 2016, John Baggs will certainly take the examine to come to be a sergeant.

– Keith Sharon

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Automated Welding for Making Custom Exhaust

In the earliest days of the automobile, gas welding was the many typically made use of process, after that it offered the requires of builders very nicely with regard to production, repair, after that modifications. It’s a clean, efficient, after that flexible process. There have actually 2 main devices who Heywood uses, a Seam Welder who makes a butt joint when it come to the cylindrical “can” section of a muffler, after that a rotisserie welder who signs up with the influenced endcaps to the slide tubes. The weld beads have actually so little after that constant who folks have actually to look carefully to notice the ripples in the weld.

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WeHo Receives Top Marks in LGBT Attentiveness

Each of the 3 urban areas gained a ideal one hundred factors in the Municipal Equality Index launched by the campaign. Signal Hill was shut behind along with 96. A couple of others L.a location urban areas were likewise surveyed, featuring Glendale after that Huntington Beach, Every making a rack up of 62. Orange Region urban areas were likewise surveyed, along with Anaheim getting 61 after that Santa Ana making 59 points. Every one of the regional neighborhoods surveyed racked up nicely over the nationwide standard of 56 points. Click right here to see the complete Municipal Equality Index report.

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