History of Laguna Beach lifeguards in photos, stories presented tonight

LAGUNA BEACH – Kai Weisser on Tuesday will certainly present a look spine to the “legendary” watermen in this seaside town.

Weisser, a former Huntington Beach Marine Safety officer, will certainly prove to historic photos and chronicle the start of Laguna Beach lifeguards in July 1929 throughout a presentation of the Laguna Beach Historical Society Association meeting at City Hall.

Weisser, 56, has actually had an extensive profession in Marine Safety. He is the president of the Huntington State Beach Junior Lifeguard Association.

He started in Huntington Beach in 1979 as a lifeguard, junior lifeguard instructor. He became a marine safety officer in 1986, and was a rescue boat operator for nine years. He was Lifeguard Association president and Marine Safety Officers president for several years. He additionally traveled to Brand-new Zealand, Australia and South Africa officially and unofficially as an exchange lifeguard.

Weisser makes his presentation as section of a schedule he is writing on Laguna Beach lifeguards. He is functioning on it in collaboration along with Laguna Beach Lifeguard Chief Kevin Snow and the Laguna Veteran Association. Weisser hopes to publish the schedule by summer 2016.

In an interview along with the Register, Weisser takes a look spine at Laguna’s watermen history and exactly what gained it stand out among various other services along the coast.

Q. What’s the many interesting honest truth you learned while looking at Laguna’s lifeguard history?

A. The Laguna Beach community and lifeguards and all of the various beaches and coves have actually such a diversity fairly a lot in contrast to Huntington Beach where I am from. There are lots of types of lifeguards and for me as quickly as I started my profession there were lifeguards that surfed and those that did not. In Huntington Beach we were energetic in diving, sailing and boating, however not as a lot as the Laguna lifeguards I located out. Laguna Beach has actually lots of legendary “watermen” and lots of that were lifeguards, too. And the playground they knew finest after that (prior to the 1950s) truly no longer exists. As Craig Lockwood, a lifeguard from Laguna Beach and author of multiple books, specified in his schedule Peanuts “I’m not talkin’ concerning the method it was, merely the method it’s never ever gonna be again.”

Q. that was the city’s very first lifeguard? exactly how did he grab the job?

A. The very first city lifeguards were George Griffith and “Jimmy” Graeme Smith, and they were appointed by City Council action in 1929. From the post I have actually seen it appears that the Laguna Beach chapter of the American Red Cross (ARC) organized the selection procedure and later followed up along with the training regimen of the lifeguards and junior lifeguards, or life saving corps as they were called then.

Q. exactly what were several of the many heroic rescues?

A. Definitely there were many, lots of lives saved and heroic rescues over the years, and I located some documentation on the topic. however it appears to be within the lifeguard culture to accept the heroic rescues as section of the task and interestingly to not talk a lot or brag concerning them. So I did not observe a pattern or have to concentrate on the topic of heroic rescues, which now that you ask, I could look further in to that. Thanks.

Q. exactly how has actually the pay for lifeguards changed over the years?

A. Definitely the pay over the years has actually changed as did the expense of every little thing else. The expense of a Brand-new pair of red gabardine shorts along with “lifeguard” stitched on expense $2.50 after the very first pair were issued for free. Maybe not so a lot for the lifeguards, however gathering glass bottles on the beach in the early 1940s and also 1950s could easily earn sufficient in the morning to purchase lunch or dinner after a long day at the beach.

Q. as quickly as did Junior Lifeguards start?

A. It appears that Junior Lifeguards started spine in 1929 or 1930 as quickly as the city lifeguard service began.

Q. exactly what was your scariest experience as a lifeguard?

A. Maybe stuck between of the 1986 OP Pro riot (the largest riot in OC history) in Huntington Beach as quickly as we evacuated the building then reclaimed it … then bodysurfing the Newport Wedge and the 18th street point on a large summer swell.

Q. Assistance you’d provide a Brand-new lifeguard?

A. Be smart, remain fit, give the smallest service to the largest, job smarter and harder and keep in mind to provide spine to the job that so well offered you the income and way of life you enjoy.

The 7:30 p.m. presentation can easily additionally be viewed live on channel 852 or 30.

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Dozens of firefighters compete in Fountain Valley's "Stachetober"

Upper-lip décor of every one of shapes and dimensions – from bushy to handlebar to barely there — competed Friday evening in the Fountain Valley Fire Department’s annual “Stachetober.”

About 30 contestants from fire departments throughout Southern California participated in the pageant. Held at Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant and Irish Pub, the event loaded in some 200 fans.

This year’s fundraiser — which included a silent auction and T-shirt sale — brought in thousands of dollars for John Fitzpatrick, a Fountain Valley Police officer undergoing procedure for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Secret judges” in the audience awarded the first-put trophy for “ideal mustache” to Justin Shrey of the Huntington Coastline Fire Department. C.J. Sanborn, of the Cathedral Urban area Fire Department, took second.

Fountain Valley firefighter Russel Martin scored the booby prize, a donkey statuette, for “worst mustache.”

“He loved it,” said FVFD engineer Sean Seggie, that arranged Stachetober. “The guys would certainly very succeed worst compared to best. Russel has actually strawberry blond hair, so his mustache was light and sparse.”

The FVFD launched Stachetober a decade back along with stringent rules. when it come to Oct. 1, competitors possessed to photo-record their clean-shaven faces. then the race was on. However, such needs have actually relaxed over the years.

“A great deal of the guys have actually problem growing facial hair, so we opened it up a bit,” Seggie said. “No one truly cares if you begin growing your mustache in September.”

And while a lot of men in the department use the possibility to plant a ‘stache, Seggie said, not every person enlists in the beauty contest:

“Some people Merely don’t wish to position themselves available love that,” he said.

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Edison High girls basketball coach found dead

Edison girls basketball coach Dan Wiley died Monday, Edison athletic supervisor Wealthy Boyce confirmed Tuesday.

Wiley, 61, was discovered by his wife unresponsive at their home. Wiley last viewed his team’s gamers Sunday at Edison with regard to picture day.

Boyce claimed Wiley was a unique coach and a unique man.

“Merely the method he touched so several people,” Boyce said. “I informed some children right here that if life is measured by exactly how several people you touch, after that Dan’s heading to live forever.”

Wiley was entering his 8th period as the Chargers head coach. He compiled an total tape of 151-fifty percent because taking over the task in the 2008-09 season.

Edison gained its first-ever girls basketball champion under Wiley in 2011, topping Troy Higher in a memorable Division 1A champion game.

“The girls were devastated to shed somebody of that caliber that was love a 2nd father to a great deal of them,” Boyce added. “He touched a great deal of lives, as well several to matter really. We’ve been receiving calls all of (Monday) expressing condolences. And it does provide the girls comfort. They loved him.”

More information, featuring services, is coming.

Women's group looking for new sailors

DANA POINT – You may have actually seen 200 sailboats race along Orange County’s seaside in April as portion of the annual Newport-Ensenada race.

While numerous – otherwise every one of – of the sailors associated with the highly competitive race have actually years of experience, every of them honed their skills somewhere.

Today, the Women’s Sailing Association – Orange County, will certainly hold a hands-about event in Dana Point Harbor that is just open to the group’s newbie sailors.

In Regatta 101, association members will certainly discover concerning breaking in to the racing world, said Valerie Rhodes, commodore of the 100-individual organization that has actually members from across Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties. Participants will certainly grab experience sailing along with skippers that will certainly take boats out for technique regattas along with a begin line, buoy racing and a complete line. A race committee boat will certainly be about the water to supervise the activities.

Those that are not members and hope to discover much more concerning sailing and racing have actually an additional opportunity about Nov. 3 at 7 p.m., as soon as the association holds its next monthly meeting. Women in the group range from captains that have actually raced about the globe to moms that hope to attempt something new.

The meeting will certainly likewise contain a meteorologist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that will certainly discuss the predicted El Niño weather pattern and the downfalls it might present to West Coast boaters.

“My preferred portion is the opportunity to satisfy various other women that are passionate concerning the Sea and concerning sailing,” said Rhodes, of Laguna Niguel, that took over as the group’s commodore in January and said her objective is to introduce much more individuals to the sport.

The group meets in Dana Point at Aventura Sailing Association, which provides beginning, intermediate and advanced sailing lessons. Charter boats are offered for homeowners that don’t have actually their own sailboat.

The sailing association began as the Women’s Sea Racing Sailing Association in 1979 and was among the very first organizations of its kind. At that time, women had pretty couple of possibilities to crack in to sailboat racing, Rhodes said.

The group has actually grown to be a respected West Coast women’s sailing organization. Racers, cruisers, day-sailors and novices comprise the association.

Last weekend, the group’s Brand-new race group – the WSA-O’Seas – competed in the 26th annual Linda Elias Memorial Women’s One Create Challenge in Long Beach. While they came in seventh of nine boats, Rhodes said the group did truly well.

In addition to racing, the group stabilizes the regional community along with solutions that introduce at-risk youth to sailing and give education concerning protecting our marine environment.

Membership is open to women and men that assist the advancement of women in sailing. tasks focus about the Dana Point and Newport Seaside harbors.

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Man high on heroin who struck, killed bicyclist convicted of second-degree murder

A Huntington Beach man that crashed in to a bicyclist on Pacific Coast Highway while driving Higher on heroin was convicted Monday of murder.

An Orange County Superior Court jury deliberated for much less compared to a day prior to finding Neil Storm Stephany guilty of second degree murder in connection along with the 2014 death of 30-year-old Shaun Eagleson.

Eagleson’s family sobbed as the verdict was read, while Stephany showed no obvious emotion. Jurors told the judge that the trial had been particularly emotional, along with one hugging a member of Eagleson’s family as they filed from the courtroom.

“My chance is that this is a wake-up call for him,” one female juror told the judge.

That Stephany joined no form to drive on the afternoon of Oct. 19, 2014, was not in dispute. Instead, the jury was tasked along with deciding whether Stephany’s actions flower to the degree of murder.

Stephany’s attorney, Brian Gurwitz, said his client had planned to examine in to a detox regimen on the day of the crash. That morning Stephany took a strike of heroin, his attorney acknowledged, too as two drugs he had been prescribed to recommendations along with the effects of heroin withdrawal.

Witnesses testified to calling police shortly prior to 5 p.m. after heading to Stephany weaving erratically across multiple traffic lanes and in to the course of oncoming traffic.

While speeding through Newport Beach, witnesses testified, Stephany veered in to the bike lane, strike a guardrail and drove in to Eagleson, that was biking northbound on the edge of the roadway. One witness described exactly how Eagleson looked over his shoulder and spotted the truck headed toward him, however had nowhere to visit stay away from the collision.

Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walker said Stephany stopped for several seconds prior to speeding away from the crash. The prosecutor alleged that Stephany left as quickly as he enjoyed individuals strolling toward his vehicle, while Stephany’s attorney contended that his client believed he had struck a parked car.

Officers spotted Stephany’s auto a short time later near Fashion Island, and determined that he was under the encourage of heroin.

Following a previous DUI arrest in 2011, Stephany had been formally warned by the court that if he continued to drive while under the encourage and killed someone, he could be charged along with murder.

During his closing arguments to the jury, Gurwitz contended that because of his altered mental state, Stephany did not consciously dismiss the previous warnings he had been offered regarding the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

“It’s not sufficient that he knew it before, after that he got loaded and did it again,” Gurwitz said. “To be guilty he has actually to consciously opt for to dismiss that risk.”

Walker countered that regardless of his usage of heroin, Stephany gained the choice to drive that day.

“It is forever unreasonable to believe there is some sort of addict loophole, that they can easily kill a person since they are high,” Walker told the jury. “He was placing his wishes and his life versus every person else on the road that day.”

In the court hallway Adhering to the verdict, Gurwitz indicated that Stephany has actually been “devastated” by exactly how Eagleson’s family and his family have actually suffered.

“He hopes his arrest and conviction come as a message to others individuals still struggling along with opiate addiction,” Gurwitz said.

Eagleson’s family declined to comment Adhering to the verdict, saying they choose to wait until Stephany is formally sentenced.

Stephany is scheduled to return on Jan. 18 to the Santa Ana courtroom of Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Fitzgerald for sentencing. He faces up to 15 years to life in prison.

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